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*Doceri - app - your computer will mirror what is on your iPad. The teacher is able to walk around the room while teaching, and is not tethered to the whiteboard. Students should be in the ones at the board!
*Class Dojo - app and web-based - classroom management tool
*Vocra - app - simple translator - good for giving directions to ESOL students.
*Skype in the classroom - bring the world into your classroom - 20-minute conferences with experts in the real-world
*My Script Calculator - App - draw the math problem - it solves it
*Wolframalpha - web-based and app - solves and shows the process for solving of math problems, compare any 2 things
*Audio Note - inexpensive app - records audio of the presenter as well as the typed notes of the audience member
*McTube - video and audio tool - App - pulls video off Internet and you can watch in the future without an Internet connection

DEN Blogs / Den Connects
*Blogs - books clubs, Appy Hour, Event section, DEN Teacher Appreciation Week, The Den Zone (podcasts on varying topics/listen on your schedule), DEN Weekly Update, Science, STEM Webinar of the week, Administrator Academy
*DEN Connects - Every six weeks there is a new lesson. You're not committed for the whole year. Participants need to sign up anew for each new connection theme.
Carolyn Rains (@Carolyn_Rains) and Kristina Spencer (@krissiemarie18). www.DENConnects.com . There are four different ways to connect: Student Digital Dives (K-4 and 5-8), Model Mini Lessons (K-4 and 5-8), Class-to-class Connections (Skype - DEN Connects will provide teachers with a list of other teachers who want to connect using Skype), and Web Tool of the Month. There is a tutorial on the DEN Connects site for each of the four ways to connect. There is also an edmodo group. The code is a2nh12.

Link to Kati Searcy's LiveBinder on Digital Authentic Assessment
Socrative - quick and easy assessment that can be designed by teacher / completed by students on any device